Hamilton (New Zealand)
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Бильярд из конфет
$ 25 /pc
Яровая Ю.В., SP, UA Hamilton (New Zealand), NZ
Необычный сладкий подарок для любителей игры. Эксклюзивная подарочная композиция ручной работы из конфет. Состав: АВК и Ферреро Рошер, мини шоколадки "Рошен". Размеры: 38х23см. Цена 670.00 грн.
Хвойный обрезной пиломатериал
Price not specified
Рассвет, LP, UA Hamilton (New Zealand), NZ


Постоянно закупаем на условиях FCA хвойный пиломатериал естественной влажности и транспортной сушки
In New Zealand
Condensed Milk ProductionLine
Price not specified
Normit food, S.R.O., SK Blenheim, NZ
We offer technology of production of condensed milk method recovery of powdered milk and mixing with sugar for creating a supersaturated solution without the need evaporate excess amount of moisture.
Innovative production of powders of food products
$ 97,000 /pc   
$ 90,000-95,000 /pc wholesale
Skok A.A., SP, UA Auckland, NZ
IInstallation YUVET-OO5 is intended for the production of powders with the productivity 6.50 kg/hour from vegetables, fruit, berries, mushrooms, meat, fish, medicinal herbs, pulses, spices, honey and
Sell red and white beans wholesale, origin Kyrgyzstan
NZ$  1 /t FCA
Иванов М.С., SP, RU Auckland, NZ
Hello.   We are a broker of red and white beans. How many are ready to buy right now? In the presence of 350 tons of red and about 200 tons of white. We provide peeling, cleaning and packing services
Sealant two-component (polysulfide) for double-glazed window
 1.75 /l EXW   
 0.99-1 /kg wholesale
Tioseal, LS, TR Auckland, NZ
We send you the technical data of products to review our products. If you are interested in these products, we will be happy to send you any additional information. Two-component sealants produced
Fruit, berry taste sugar «Raduga»
up to NZ$  4,451.04 /t wholesale
IDS - Intrepid Dorich service, LLC, UZ Auckland, NZ
Fruit, berry taste sugar «Raduga» Our company «Intrepid Dorich service» offer you Universal & unique product In 3 times sweeter than regular sugar and with improved taste of fruits and berries the
Creaming honey machine
Price not specified
Normit food, S.R.O., SK Blenheim, NZ
The Normit CH plants are a universal high-performance system, which, thanks to its modular design and a wide range of options, can be used for producing cream honey, both in large as well as in small
Quality voltage correctors at the best prices
Price not specified
ЭК Факт, LLC, RU Christchurch, NZ
Will sell from availability: 1. Corrector voltage LCC-04S 2. Corrector voltage To-100 EС Fact, LLC, Izhevsk, RU Ivan, the Manager Tel: , EXT.119 The price is negotiable!
Technological line for yoghurt processing
Price not specified
Normit food, S.R.O., SK Blenheim, NZ
This universal homogenization device with a pasteurizer is designed for a wide range of food products, from liquid to highly viscous, with homogeneous structure or solid particles of up to 15 mm (or